Jacobs Lane

Jacob’s Lane

It’s not often you get to create a whole neighborhood. We were thrilled to be brought in early to help with the site plan for » More

Log Cabin

Log Cabin Inn

This historic resort along the McKenzie River was built in the stage coach era. With several old cabins in need of replacement, the owners asked » More


Metolius River Cabins

This site along the scenic Metolius River was once a trailer park and café. Today it is home for a series of cabins that cluster » More


St. John’s Academy

This military high school in Wisconsin wanted to incorporate a columbarium for the interment of alumni funeral urns. The challenge was finding a way to » More


Sheldon Village

The goal for this housing development in north Eugene was to make it feel like a small village within the city. Working integrally with architects » More

housing private meets public

Turtle Creek

The goal was to plan a small cohesive neighborhood in northwest Eugene that would seem more like it evolved over time, and less like a » More