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The Finishing Touch

Posted in Residential & Garden

Situated between two vacant lots, this downtown Eugene home badly needed a sense of enclosure. The narrow house has a wonderful front porch but takes up the majority of a long, slender lot. Our objectives were to help the garden feel bigger and to create a place and a journey without walling in the homeowners and walling out the neighborhood. We placed objects at opposite ends of the garden, connected them with meandering paths punctuated by a mini-terrace and benches along the way. The highly crafted fence steps down in height as it nears the sidewalk, reserving tall trellis work for important views, and opens up with bamboo spacers integrated in the low panels. The natural drainage in the neighborhood required us to make use of a dry stream bed that weaves around the main path, lending sitting boulders, smooth pebbles, and another layer to the diverse collection of textural plantings from alpine ground covers to collector’s conifers in a rainbow of hues.