The Process

Mouse over the image above to test drive the interactive ipad viewer. Compare our design to the real built project.

Just like the project above, we want to help you see your vision become reality and will guide every step of the way to ensure quality.  We meet with each client to determine project needs before we ever put pencil to paper.  Through a series of meetings and site visits, we can discern the site and project challenges.  Once back in our studio we come up with unique concepts and schematic designs.  We use a variety of tools to explore and express these ideas, bringing the client back into the process early to test the fit with the site.

Design Sketches

Design sketches are our primary tool for illustrating our schematic ideas.  They help us show circulation, outdoor rooms, vegetation and existing site features in a colorful overview.  These are scaled drawings that address the site program and use as well as depicting larger ideas like axes or radial geometry, views, responses to the architecture and the relationships between structures and landscape objects.

Visual Tools

In some cases it might be necessary to get a more specific idea of how the landscape will look or how the outdoor spaces are defined and not everybody thinks in plan view.  In this case we turn to 3D modeling to bring our plan drawings to life.  We can fly through different views to explore the design with our clients or use movie making tools to bring shadows, weather, and night lighting into the schematic.  We have the ability to create beautiful public presentations for investment or user groups.

Site Development

Our firm is unique in the way we stay involved through project construction.  We address project needs at a variety of scales from overall site drainage and handling stormwater to the perfect bench for a new seating area.  Our design development phase solidifies the final design scheme into a set of working drawings that can be used to get bids and to create a project schedule.  We work alongside contractors and engineers to ensure your ideas are being built to exact specification.  We visit the site to check in and troubleshoot with the people building your vision.  We are present for key moments during the construction to reinforce quality and care during every step.