Trellis & Pergolas

Be it an extension of the house, an embellishment of fence, a portal or passageway, a shade creator or rain cover; varying the wood sizes, » More

Swimming Pools

No matter the personal taste or the individual details, a pool can be the excitement of the party or a calm mirror to the sky. » More

Outdoor Kitchens

Since everybody gathers in the kitchen anyway, bring it outdoors to enjoy the company and the scenery.  We have experience building many custom styles and » More

Stone Work 1

Cut joints or natural, mortared or dry stacked; the most beautiful way to retain ground and the most elegant way to descend is with stone. » More

Stone Work 2

Additional samples of natural stone sitework, built by a variety of local craftsman.  From local stone to imported, each has a unique look and feel. » More

Gates & Entries

Used to mark the transition from one outdoor room to another, these individualized and fully custom gates are designed for varying levels of privacy and » More

Decks & Patios

No matter the shape or the materials these elements help create gathering spaces sized to fit the needs of the client and located to enhance » More

Fountains & Ponds

Creating a cooler microclimate or adding soothing sounds to the garden, water features come in many forms from naturalistic to formal, from larger than life » More

Fireplaces & Fire Rings

Extending the outdoor season is essential. How its done may depend on the architectural features of the home and the desired ease of use.  We » More